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Community Partnership

As part of the National PRC network, we bring academic researchers, community members, and public health agencies together to collaborate on developing effective strategies to promote health and prevent disease. One way we bring people together is through our Community Partnership Board (CPB).

The CPB membership consists of a balance of community, local/regional, and state-level members. These members represent diverse cultural and geographic communities in West Virginia. The CPB makes every effort to maintain a broad representation.


Community Partnership Board     

We have so many partners that have helped us throughout the years, we are reluctant to list them all lest we forget to list any, but know we deeply appreciate each and everyone’s help and input, both large and small. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

One thing is for sure, we all love West Virginia! If you are not from West Virgnina, you tend to see its deficits. West Virginia is generally #1 or #2 in everything unhealthy and at the bottom of the list in all that is prosperous. But there has never been a gauge to measure the depth of one’s spirit. And we the citizens of West Virginia are full to the brim in the spirit of hard work, generosity, and freedom – “Montani Semper Liberi.” 

West Virginia celebrates its diversity in the varied landscape within its borders: From the fruit orchards and chicken farms in the Eastern Panhandle – To the metal plants and gas wells in its Northern Panhandle – Through the vast beauty of the Fields & Streams from East to West through its Central Region – To the strength of its coalfields in the Southwest – To the majesty of its white waters and suspension bridge in the Southeast. 

It is this diversity which reflects in our community board. Its members are scattered from around the state, each bringing a love of the WV people and a desire they achieve the health to which they are entitled. Thank you to our researchers from within WVU and in the collaborating partners for listening to the community and respecting the importance of its participation. Again welcome to each and every one of you this evening.

Thank you,

Patti Crawford and Tony Richards
Co-chairs, WV Prevention Research Center Community Partnership Board

(304) 647-6298