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Applied Research Project, Activate!Activate's Brainy

Principal Investigators: Lesley Cottrell and Nancy O'Hara Tompkins
Start Date: October 2014
End Date: September 2019
Funding Source: USDHHS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The long-term goal of the WVPRCs applied research project is to increase student physical activity, improve aerobic fitness, combat health risks, and improve academic performance using a coordinated schools approach that incorporates school and family-based strategies that promote physical activity. Project partners include: state and local health departments in the Mid-Ohio Valley, state and local departments of education, a state-wide cardiovascular risk screening program, and members of the WVPRCs Community Partnership Board.

The WVPRCs applied research project will:

1) Define and document current school physical education and recess practices among elementary schools in WV and compare student health and academic outcomes based on school practices.

2) Test effectiveness of school- and family-based physical activity interventions in terms of improved child physical activity, health, and academic outcomes.

3) Translate research results into environmental and policy recommendations at the local, regional, and state levels to increase student access to effective physical activity and education.

These outcomes have local, regional, and/or state level policy and practice relevance. These include a state report of current physical education, physical activity policy recommendations to enhance policy and practice for physical activity in schools, the home environment, and recess practices in all elementary schools throughout the state, and enhance partnerships among schools, families, and local health departments.