Community Partnership Board

three people sitting at a table talking in a meeting setting

As part of the CDC National PRC Network, the WVPRC brings academic researchers, community members, educators, and public health agencies together to collaborate on developing effective strategies to promote health and prevent disease. 

The WVPRC first formed a Community Partnership Board (CPB) in 2000 with the intent of garnering broad representation from the communities we serve. The CPB meets on a quarterly basis with the meetings taking place at varying locations across the state.

The Community Partnership Board consists of a wide range of members that represent their community at from the local to the state-level. These board makes and effort to bring together individuals from a diverse cultural and geographic background within the state of West Virginia. 

Below is a list of our current Community Partnership Board leadership and members and their affiliations.


  • Melody Osborne (Chair)
  • Jessica Wright (Co-Chair)
  • Darryl Cannady (Vice-Chair)
  • Patti Crawford -CDC PRC Community Committee Representative
  • Chuck Conner - CDC PRC Community Committee Representative


Amanda McCarty - Assistant Professor, WVUIT

Anita Stewart - Fayette County Health Department

Barbara Holt - WVSOM

Cathryn Miller - Save The Children

Christine DeRienzo - Main Street Health

Idress Gooden - Community Member

James Kerrigan - Director, Division of Tobacco Prevention

James Patterson - President - Partnership of African American Churches

Jill Nolan - Faculty Concord University

Kathy Brunty - Coordinator, Partnerships for Success | Community Connections

Kayla Wright - Mountaineer Food Bank

Richard A. Wittberg - Washington County Health Commissioner, Marshall University

Sherry Kinder  Director - RESET

Stephanie Moore - WV State Office of Rural Health

Tom McGraw - Assistant Professor, WVUIT