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Encouraging Healthy Habits 

The center's current Applied Research Project, Activate!, focuses on child and adolescent health. We are working to increase physical activity throughout the school day and within the home life. 5th grade students and parents at Smithville Elementary made hula-hoops and learned about healthy lifestyle choices at one of many Family Fun Nights hosted at their elementary school.

Tobacco Cessation

Over the years, West Virginia has had one of the highest teen smoking rates in the United States. To address this, the WVPRC collaborated with the American Lung Association of West Virginia, developed a program called Not-On-Tobacco (NOT).

Evaluation Partnerships

The WVPRC Evaluation Team assists state agencies and non-profits in evaluation of organizational performances as well as the impacts of implemented health and wellness programs. The WVPRC Evaluation Team collects and analyzes qualitative and quantitative data for evaluation reports to help partner organizations better understand their stakeholders, program performance, indirect impacts as well as aid in the direction of projects and programs. The WVPRC Evaluation Team produces comprehensive reports, infograph and Health Impact Statements to share their findings.